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Romero Britto

Romero Britto is a Brazilian artist born in 1963. He became the youngest and most talented artist of the Pop Art Movement of his generation.

He creates contemporary masterpieces that evoke and transmit a positive vision of life. His work, resolutely optimistic, is illustrated by brilliant, shimmering colours in different themes inspired by his vision of the contemporary world in an artistic expression related to Cubism. Romero Britto grew up in Brazil, in a poor neighbourhood.

Creative and gifted child, he enjoyed painting on cardboards and newspapers. As a humanist artist, Romero Britto doesn’t forget his hard beginnings and do not hesitate to reach out to people in need. In 2007, he created a foundation whose purpose is to encourage and preserve education for the benefit of children over the world.

Romero created a pyramid to commemorate the return of Tutankhamun in London. This monumental work is the greatest installation ever settled in Hyde Park so far.

Romero Britto’s paintings and sculptures are now available on the five continents and are present in numerous public and private collections around the world.